Success in community is participation in community

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Non-Profits serve as the backbone of our society for bringing specific services for specific situations to our community.  They fill in the gap between what government shouldn't be doing but wants to do (hopefully).  What private enterprise wants to do but will charge you for (not a problem there, it's a definition).  Non-Profits are selfless organizations with beliefs that are unique unto themselves.  

In order to be successful in a community you need to participate in a community.  Double Taps helps non-profits by providing a place for fundraising events to be easily held with all of your logistics taken care of.  Raising money is hard we know that.  Getting people interested in what your doing is hard, we get that too.  Let's work together and see what we can do to help our community and each other. 

Double Taps reserves the right to be able to choose which non-profits to partner with and when/how we are available to assist.